Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside...

Ah, Whitby. The fresh sea air, the donkeys on the beach, the clinking and whistling of the beach-front amusement aracades - all are the makings of a fantastic weekend away with friends. And let's not forget a monstrous plate of fish 'n' chips at the world-famous Magpie Cafe. It's usually necessary to queue for a good half hour before getting a table, but the smell of vinegar and fry, not to mention the sense of anticipation, only add to the experience. And yes, the food is as good as they say . . .

Another treat my friend Kay and I discovered during our Whitby weekend was the now-legendary (in our world) curd tart. Traditionally made from bisling milk (the first milk produced by a cow having given birth to a calf), the same result can be achieved by using good whole milk. I've not yet tried my hand at the recipe yet, but I certainly intend to. They're so good!

So hats off to Whitby for its good old-fashioned seaside fun, complete with sticks of rock, fish 'n' chips, arcade games ... and a whole lotta goths.

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